Monday, April 19, 2010

170 College Grants

Every year of education means an average of an extra $200,000 worth of life time earnings. And education is the key to competing in our fast changing society and staying productive throughout your entire life. So go get more education no matter how much you have now, and here’s 170+ sources of private and government money to do it.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

$10,000 Grant to Fix Up a Home And Make it Healthier

Called the Health Homes Demonstration Grants and referred to as Program #14.901 in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, this program is designed to develop, demonstrate, and promote cost-effective, preventive measures to correct multiple safety and health hazards in the home environment that produce serious diseases and injuries in children of low-income families. HUD is interested in reducing health threats to the maximum number of residents, especially children, in a cost efficient manner. Healthy Homes Demonstration grants are intended to serve a broad array of beneficiaries including homeowners, rental property owners, and public housing residents. For information on where these programs are available in your area contact Ms. Ellen Taylor, Director, Healthy Homes Program, Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control, 451 Seventh Street, SW, Room P3206, Washington, DC 20410, 202..., extension 116

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Government Mortgage Money

Mortgage Grant Money is something that residents would like to have right now. With the U.S. real estate being torn apart by the worst financial plummet in decades, homebuyers need more money. But who would be generous enough to hand out free money for first time buyers? Not even the richest businessmen would advise to have their cash balances drained just for the sake of handing away free money. Nevertheless, before you begin to doubt the idea that free money is real, have a look at a $5 bill to find your answer. In other words, when you need free money, you can always rely on the American government to offer a program for you. Local governments also play a immense role in free money. Here's a few examples with state names for reference:

$199K In Texas ToBuy A Home In The Country
5 Million In Florida To Build A Condo
50% Discount For School Employeees To Buy A Condo
$27k In New Jersey Grant To Repair Your Condo
$499 A Month To Pay Your Rent
$4,000,000 For Investors, Builders and Developers To Build Homes and Flats
$150K To Buy A Condo
$48k In Texas To Buy A Mobile Home
$277,000 To Help Buy a 2-4 Unit House
$100,000 To Buy Or Repair Houses In Older Areas Of A City
$30k For Educators To Repair Their Apartment
$50,000 In Maine To Convert An Apartment In Your Basement
$2k Security Deposit for Rentals
$800 to Help Pay Property Tax
$7,000 To Make Your Home Handicap Accessible
Low Interest Loans To Buy A Home
$2,000,000 In Louisiana To Construct Apartment Buildings
$10,000 To Varnish Your Home
$22,000To Repair Your Septic Tank
$3,000 In Florida To Cover Your Home Loan Payments
Cash For People With Horrible Credit
$75,000 To Put An Office In Your Home
$10,000 For Emergency Home Repairs
$20,000 In Michigan To Repair Your Home
Free Assistance On Roof Repair, Plumbing, & Lighting Work
$3995 In Michigan To Varnish Your Home
$7,000 In Illinois For Retired People To Repair Their Home
$35,000 Forgivable Mortgage To Buy A Home
Money For Single Parents To Buy A Home
$100,000 In Indiana For A New Home
$2,000 To Fix Up Your Home
Save $2.000 On Your Cooling Bills
50% Off On Your Energy Bills
Save $1 For a Buy A Home and Get $8 More FREE
$1,200 In New Mexico For Seniors Bankruptcy Giveaways
Get A Loan To Buy A Home No Matter What Your Salary
$2k To Pay Your Home Loan Payments

Perhaps, you are thinking what is the trick with regard to the phrase free money. Well, to be frank, you need to put forth some effort to find the right program about getting real estate grants. That's right. You need to do some homework to know what government branch gives out what kind of gratuities and how you can qualify for such grants. Thankfully there are online databases that that are available for locating government realty programs for housing money and even help filling out the applications. The leading real estate membership websites is the Free Money Club

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